Wednesday, April 21, 2010

boredom and life

It seems like in everyone's life, at some point or other, there is this feeling of being "stuck." Well this "stuck" feeling may feel like boredom, but it isn't. It is habit, it is normalcy. It is being at the same job for years and not having gone up or down or left or right or any other direction. I am a restless person and I cannot stay doing the same thing for too long. I need to keep moving, I'm a drifter by nature. I like to say I'm a gypsy, but not to the full extent. Not everyone is like that, but everyone to some degree will feel "stuck." When that feeling surfaces, FIGHT IT! How exactly does one fight "stuck?" Well add a new activity to your life. meet new people. Join a book club, a jogging club, a photography club. Paint that picture you have always wanted to, share that with the world. This change in your life doesn't have to be drastic. Just don't be the ordinary you for a little while. Do something you normally wouldn't do. Simplicity is key for some, others need something drastic. Quit your job, look for another job. Maybe just find a side job. But get rid of that "stuck" feeling. It causes problems. You feel like you aren't doing all you could be, you become dissatisfied with everything and everyone. You can even go as far as pushing everyone away. What is the good in any of that? So instead, enrich your life! Go do something beautiful or something interesting. Take a trip! Even if it is just to the other side of town. You never know what awaits. "No puedes criticar a algo sin conocerlo primero." (Me Vale - Mana) Go out there and FIGHT! boredom.