Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bug bites.

Yesterday something bit me on my shoulder area. My arm went numb. And today it just hurts like if it was sore from a shot. It's weird. On a brighter note, I can finally start working tomorrow. I was starting to think this wasn't going to happen, my job. But things are slowly falling into place. I've made a few realizations in the past few days. Running in the mornings puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day. I can tolerate more and I am happier. Also, when you group all your computers to one large computer somewhere, that large computer will fail and take all the other computers with it. The MVD (as AZ likes to call their DMV) has had their computers down since Saturday I believe. According to them, the computers would be up again yesterday at noon. We went today again, they are still down, but only for drivers licenses and identifications. Of course I needed to get an identification. Anyway, I've also come to realize that something small can be blown way out of proportion quite easily. Take my bug bite for example. My mom slowly freaked because my arm was numb. Then she tells my sister who tells her all sorts of symptoms to watch for. Of course this worries my husband who loves researching my ailments on the internet. This just worries him more. All this "loveliness" culminating with me trying to sleep but being afraid to die because my throat felt like it was closing up. A bug bite created all this paranoia. A bug bite. It got way out of proportion very quickly and today it is all fine. I'm not afraid to die anymore and my arm is still numb and sore.
Life is lovely. Really lovely, no quotation marks. Even though all these small things happen that I manage to blow out of proportion, nothing of a large proportion actually happens. And that is awesome. I used to wish something big would happen, but usually big things are negative. (Although getting married was big and that was good) But right now, life is going it's course and I don't mind that. I enjoy this lovely journey of life with my amazing husband.