Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sickness and boredom

So when you get sick you are often sent to the infernal place called bed for bed-rest! I say infernal because it almost convinces you that you are "bored", but only when you are sick. Well depending on the severity of your sickness you will either be asleep most of the time or awake most of the time. If you have good friends then they will be right there with you trying to make you feel better, even if they get sick in the process. If not, then you better have books or a laptop. Or if you feel exceptionally daring you can write your own story. You can draw. You can photograph from a different angle. Of course while bedridden many of us do not feel like doing something too strenuous or using our brains. It is another great opportunity to expand your music library. But there are always things to do even if you are sick. So sickness advice, you're not bored, sleep or do something you'll be behind enough as it is!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Traveling and boredom

So traveling, the actual act of driving, flying, walking, etc. somewhere can seem "boring." Especially to kids. But like everything else it doesn't have to be. You may be driving, listening to music, trying to keep the driver awake, etc. Of course there are all those road games and activities, but that can definitely get old. I find myself deep in thought while traveling, usually I'm listening to music as well. But there are so many more entertaining things to do. Depending on the people you are with of course. A family vacation will never be like a road trip with friends. People watching is definitely a fun thing to do in either case though. When you are driving through a city people are bound to driving to work or from work. Many times I've seen people singing and dancing to music only they can hear. That is fun. Life on mute can be extremely hilarious. Another thing that is always fun is taking pictures, but from creative angles. Make it seems as if your car is pulling a boat. Maybe you are a giant that can grab a cow with your fingers. I don't know, be creative! Scream to the world because if you keep driving no one will know who screamed. Stop and make a new friend. Although picking up hitchhikers might not be a good idea. On a plane, your options are much more limited, but messing with sleeping people is always fun. Also being with the right person is always fun. A person that will challenge you to do more craziness, but who knows when enough is enough. So I guess today's non-boredom "key point?" is: Sometimes the journey can be more fun (and less boring) than the destination!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sometimes day are just too busy....

Sometimes the problem isn't boredom, but too much to do. It seems to leave no time for beating boredom or adventure. These days suck. Plain and simple. But like boredom, you can make them interesting. When you're overloaded sometimes the best thing to do is take a mental health day! Sure you'll be behind, but at least you won't go SANE from just working all the time! It is necessary to have adventures every so often because otherwise life would be bland, like a naked toasted bagel. Cream cheese adds some interest, but add some salmon cream cheese (if that's your thing, it certainly isn't mine!) and you have an interesting bagel. So find your salmon cream cheese. Whether that be skydiving, meeting your next door neighbor, or talking to people in the grocery store. Whatever your thing is, go for it! But no one ever wants to only have salmon cream cheese on their bagel. Sometimes they want a wheat bagel or a jalapeƱo bagel. Maybe you want peanut butter on the bagel or maybe you want a sandwich bagel. Treat each day like a new bagel! Even if it is a busy bagel, you can always choose the topping or how to use the bagel!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


As the school week goes on with Monday come and gone, students get into the swing of things once more. This brings up a question: if you are doing homework are you bored? I don't think it qualifies as boredom. Boredom once again is doing nothing whatsoever. At least when you do homework, you are writing or trying to solve a problem. Granted sometimes you are thinking too much, but you are doing something. So in my opinion, homework is not boredom. It isn't the most interesting thing to do, but you aren't bored. Spice up your homework routine! Play some music while you are doing your homework and when a song that you absolutely love comes on, stop and rock out to the song! Mini breaks are amazing and they make homework go by so much quicker! Or explore different music. There is enough music out there that you will never be done exploring. The one thing that never fails me is the slinky! I can concentrate so much better when I am playing with a slinky that it seems like I am finished so much quicker. So in your quest to beat this so-called "boredom" be creative and find ways to make your homework time fun!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

A curiosity...

Mexican candy is amazing! It comes in many shapes and sizes, there are watermelon, corn, mango etc lollipop with chile on them. They are very yummy. Well today I was introduced to a new kind of lollipop by my good friend Maribel. Chicken shaped lollipops!!! They don't taste like chicken, but they are spicy!

That is a picture of them. Defintiely one of the more odd curiosities of life...

boredom averted

Well today there was this baby shower I really didn't feel like going to... but I also did not feel like staying home all evening. I went. Turns out it was pretty amazing fun! It turned into a dance party, very odd yes. Fun, yes! Boredom averted, hell yes! It is funny how sometimes the things you are most looking forward to turn out to be the worst time. And when you really don't feel like going somewhere, but you do anyway it turns out to be great fun. It doesn't always happen, but it does happen. I was talking to my dad about not wanting to go to the baby shower and he gave me some very sound advise although I did not want to hear it. Always go everywhere and do everything with an open mind and a positive outlook. I decided maybe his advice was true and although at first I was reluctant to think positively, it worked. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I am very glad I went. So in my quest to never be bored I have discovered another great (hmmm what would you call it) guideline? I'm not sure what it is, but here it is: Keep your mind open and your outlook positive, even if everything looks bleak. The quest continues for non-boredom...

Friday, February 5, 2010

Boredom! doesn't exist

So today I was talking to my LOCA best friend Gladys and she was telling me that she doesn't think boredom exists and the more I think about it, I agree. Boredom is not doing anything, sitting there and staring at the wall with a blank mind, Every time someone says they are bored, they are usually doing something. Facelibro for example is filled with statuses saying "I'm bored out of my mind." Well are they really? No. They are on Facelibro which gives you plenty to do, from useless quizzes to connecting with long lost friends. Even staring at nothing or "spacing out" are activities. You are thinking of something usually, so you really aren't bored. So why do we constantly exclaim "I'm so bored!"? Do these small tasks not mean anything to us? I think it is the little things that we should look at. It is very cliche, but true. It's the simple things in life that are worth it. Sure big events such as concerts are amazing, but even dancing when no one is looking makes life enjoyable. It is the craziness in life that adds to it. Next time you are bored why not try something new and completely out of character? If you are generally super introverted, why not try to go for a walk and make one new acquaintance? If you are generally extroverted, try helping out an introvert. See what it is like on the other side of the spectrum. Basically I am saying that it is not possible to be bored when life has so many little things to offer. Don't take these small things for granted because one day you will realize that you never did anything, that you spent your life "bored." I hereby resolve to never be bored, to get out there and try something new whenever that "boredom" stuff tries to surface.