Friday, February 5, 2010

Boredom! doesn't exist

So today I was talking to my LOCA best friend Gladys and she was telling me that she doesn't think boredom exists and the more I think about it, I agree. Boredom is not doing anything, sitting there and staring at the wall with a blank mind, Every time someone says they are bored, they are usually doing something. Facelibro for example is filled with statuses saying "I'm bored out of my mind." Well are they really? No. They are on Facelibro which gives you plenty to do, from useless quizzes to connecting with long lost friends. Even staring at nothing or "spacing out" are activities. You are thinking of something usually, so you really aren't bored. So why do we constantly exclaim "I'm so bored!"? Do these small tasks not mean anything to us? I think it is the little things that we should look at. It is very cliche, but true. It's the simple things in life that are worth it. Sure big events such as concerts are amazing, but even dancing when no one is looking makes life enjoyable. It is the craziness in life that adds to it. Next time you are bored why not try something new and completely out of character? If you are generally super introverted, why not try to go for a walk and make one new acquaintance? If you are generally extroverted, try helping out an introvert. See what it is like on the other side of the spectrum. Basically I am saying that it is not possible to be bored when life has so many little things to offer. Don't take these small things for granted because one day you will realize that you never did anything, that you spent your life "bored." I hereby resolve to never be bored, to get out there and try something new whenever that "boredom" stuff tries to surface.

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