Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sickness and boredom

So when you get sick you are often sent to the infernal place called bed for bed-rest! I say infernal because it almost convinces you that you are "bored", but only when you are sick. Well depending on the severity of your sickness you will either be asleep most of the time or awake most of the time. If you have good friends then they will be right there with you trying to make you feel better, even if they get sick in the process. If not, then you better have books or a laptop. Or if you feel exceptionally daring you can write your own story. You can draw. You can photograph from a different angle. Of course while bedridden many of us do not feel like doing something too strenuous or using our brains. It is another great opportunity to expand your music library. But there are always things to do even if you are sick. So sickness advice, you're not bored, sleep or do something you'll be behind enough as it is!

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