Thursday, February 11, 2010

Traveling and boredom

So traveling, the actual act of driving, flying, walking, etc. somewhere can seem "boring." Especially to kids. But like everything else it doesn't have to be. You may be driving, listening to music, trying to keep the driver awake, etc. Of course there are all those road games and activities, but that can definitely get old. I find myself deep in thought while traveling, usually I'm listening to music as well. But there are so many more entertaining things to do. Depending on the people you are with of course. A family vacation will never be like a road trip with friends. People watching is definitely a fun thing to do in either case though. When you are driving through a city people are bound to driving to work or from work. Many times I've seen people singing and dancing to music only they can hear. That is fun. Life on mute can be extremely hilarious. Another thing that is always fun is taking pictures, but from creative angles. Make it seems as if your car is pulling a boat. Maybe you are a giant that can grab a cow with your fingers. I don't know, be creative! Scream to the world because if you keep driving no one will know who screamed. Stop and make a new friend. Although picking up hitchhikers might not be a good idea. On a plane, your options are much more limited, but messing with sleeping people is always fun. Also being with the right person is always fun. A person that will challenge you to do more craziness, but who knows when enough is enough. So I guess today's non-boredom "key point?" is: Sometimes the journey can be more fun (and less boring) than the destination!

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