Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sometimes day are just too busy....

Sometimes the problem isn't boredom, but too much to do. It seems to leave no time for beating boredom or adventure. These days suck. Plain and simple. But like boredom, you can make them interesting. When you're overloaded sometimes the best thing to do is take a mental health day! Sure you'll be behind, but at least you won't go SANE from just working all the time! It is necessary to have adventures every so often because otherwise life would be bland, like a naked toasted bagel. Cream cheese adds some interest, but add some salmon cream cheese (if that's your thing, it certainly isn't mine!) and you have an interesting bagel. So find your salmon cream cheese. Whether that be skydiving, meeting your next door neighbor, or talking to people in the grocery store. Whatever your thing is, go for it! But no one ever wants to only have salmon cream cheese on their bagel. Sometimes they want a wheat bagel or a jalapeƱo bagel. Maybe you want peanut butter on the bagel or maybe you want a sandwich bagel. Treat each day like a new bagel! Even if it is a busy bagel, you can always choose the topping or how to use the bagel!

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