Tuesday, February 9, 2010


As the school week goes on with Monday come and gone, students get into the swing of things once more. This brings up a question: if you are doing homework are you bored? I don't think it qualifies as boredom. Boredom once again is doing nothing whatsoever. At least when you do homework, you are writing or trying to solve a problem. Granted sometimes you are thinking too much, but you are doing something. So in my opinion, homework is not boredom. It isn't the most interesting thing to do, but you aren't bored. Spice up your homework routine! Play some music while you are doing your homework and when a song that you absolutely love comes on, stop and rock out to the song! Mini breaks are amazing and they make homework go by so much quicker! Or explore different music. There is enough music out there that you will never be done exploring. The one thing that never fails me is the slinky! I can concentrate so much better when I am playing with a slinky that it seems like I am finished so much quicker. So in your quest to beat this so-called "boredom" be creative and find ways to make your homework time fun!

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