Friday, March 4, 2011

99 days

And so we've reached the double digits in this endless wait. I guess it really doesn't seem too long ago that it was 160 days, but the wait is, nevertheless, still endless. The good thing is that there are other things to occupy my time while I wait 99 more days. Weddings seem to spread like cancer this year...well spread like something nice. Marriage isn't a cancer, I just had no other comparison at that moment. Either way, there are 2 other weddings this year, one of them this weekend. In Mexico. It's quite lovely to travel and all, but I cannot wait until it's only him and I traveling. And then another in Vegas. Vegas weddings are also very popular, last year my brother was married in Vegas. But not just little chapel weddings, actual ceremonies with official looking officiants! It is all quite exciting, but frustrating, why can't it be June already?! So amidst the traveling and weddings, there is PLANNING. It is tiring. I figured it would be stressful, but it can get so...boring...sometimes. It is a horrible thing to say it seems, but it is the truth. Looking over pictures of hairstyles, cakes, centerpieces, etc can get old very quickly. But I am glad to say, most of it is over with. Invitations? Check. Centerpieces? In progress. Favors? In progress. Cake? Check. Hairstyle? In progress. Dress? Bought.
It is also stressful though, so much money goes into this one day. Where does all this money come from?! I try not to worry too much. It's true, I'm only getting married once. Might as well make it amazing. Jeje. But truly, I am nervous for all the attention. I don't like getting attention from everyone. I like being the center of his world, but only his. Anyone else, it's just weird and makes me nervous. I can definitely do without it. But one day won't kill me and afterward HAWAII! :) Yay for banana pancakes and amazing beaches.
I won't say there are any downsides to this, I can't see any. Waiting is frustrating, but already a year has passed and now there are only 99 days left. I see him everyday and he makes me happy. I can't complain. I love him and he makes me love my life.
Well I think that is all, I just wanted to rant for a small while.

P.S.  do it.