Thursday, June 3, 2010

Embracing change.

CHANGE. It's inevitable. People change, circumstances change, life changes. EVERYTHING. But many people fight it. They are too comfortable with their routines and any thing that could deviate from normalcy is a threat. Not all change is bad as is true that not all change is good. What is true is that CHANGE is, well, change. It is a deviation from the ordinary. Being s restless drifter, CHANGE is an amazing thing to me. It allows my life to flow from one point to another without becoming adjusted to one thing. People often take for granted small changes they can make and never stray from ordinary. Even a small CHANGE will cause a rift in normalcy. I welcome CHANGE. It is inevitable, fighting it would be futile. At some point in everyone's life, there will be some form of CHANGE. It can be as simple as a change in hair products and as major as a life changing event (pregnancy, college, etc.) I also believe that CHANGE is necessary in everyone's life. I can't even imagine what life would be like if everything remained the same. Like a cartoons life, you'd wear the same clothes and do the same things day after day. I'd get that "stuck" feeling. CHANGE fights "boredom", so if you fight CHANGE you embrace "boredom." I for one am not about to embrace something that I believe does not exist. So don't fight CHANGE, it isn't going to go away. EMBRACE THE c h a n g e.

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  1. So true! I can't imagine life without change, I need to be doing new things or else I feel stuck too