Thursday, July 1, 2010


So today, that "boredom" crap tried to surface, but I've felt creative today so I wrote a story about Pepe. Pepe, my friends, is my monkey friend. A picture of him and his monkey friend, Gustavo, will be posted along with this short story...

The Adventures of Pepe (and Gustavo) -WORKING TITLE-

It was a day like any other. Boredom ran rampant and Pepe the monkey was at home moping around. As Pepe sat on the couch looking at a rather interesting spot on the wall, his IMAGINATION kicked in. The spot was no longer a simple spot, it slowly transformed into a black hole. The hole started to get larger and larger and Pepe found himself unable to hold on, even his tail couldn't save him this time! Like a vacuum, the black hole sucked Pepe and his tail right in. Pepe remained collected although his facial expression said otherwise. He thought he would be engulfed by darkness, but instead he found himself floating through what seemed like a red lava lamp. The space he was floating through became narrower and narrower until a small circle of light was all he could see. Now Pepe is unlike any other monkey. His head is huge like a basketball, it looks like he swallowed a few tennis balls and his arms and legs are long and lanky. The hole was the size of a golf ball and Pepe thought, "There is no way I'm fitting through there." But as he floated closer and closer, either he became smaller or the hole became bigger because Pepe fit with room to spare. What he saw once he jumped out of the circle of light confounds him to this day. It was a land of random nonsensicalness. There were old men reciting mathematics, ghost butterflies appearing and disappearing, noises sounding at random intervals and so much more. The walls of the place were black and white, rainbow colors, wooden, sideways, stripped, argyled and any other design you could think of. Everything had an odd texture, it was soft and hard at the same time, it was fuzzy and spiky, but caused no harm when touched. Now Pepe is a very inquisitive monkey, so he likes to lick things. Everything tasted, BLAND. Well this confounded Pepe,s o he pondered it for a long while and finally realized, he couldn't smell or was it that there were no scents? In any case, this was a problem. Pepe was determined to return smell to this place, so kept walking until he came to a peculiar area that looked paint splattered. He spun in a circle as the paint splatter surrounded him, then with a loud crack it started raining paint. Curiously, Pepe was not getting wet at all. So he looked up to find out why and saw that he was shielded by a great big nimbus cloud, much like those which had been forming at home. Pepe found this situation very queer and decided he must go up to the nimbus cloud. Pepe was concentrating on finding a way up to the cloud when he realized he was floating. His tail had become like a propeller and he was floating up to the great big nimbus cloud. Once up there, Pepe saw that this cloud had the fuzzy, spiky texture so he was careful to step on it, but soon realized there was no danger. The cloud seemed to go on for forever, but in reality it only spanned a few yards. Toward the middle of the cloud, Pepe spotted a small brown speck. He walked toward it and the brown speck turned into a tiny monkey. Pepe said, "ODA!" The tiny monkey was momentarily confused, but then realized it was only a greeting. He introduced himself as Gustavo. Pepe was excited to meet another being in this strange place. He had so many questions for Gustavo, but decided that maybe the tiny monkey wasn't as friendly as he seemed. So Pepe stuck to the basics, where was Gustavo from, how long he had been in this place, what was up with the cloud, etc. After the small questioning session, Pepe was a bit more trusting but still wary. Pepe told Gustavo of the smell gone missing. After some pondering, Gustavo realized it was true. Gustavo had been in this land a loooooong time...but that's a story for another time. Gustavo told Pepe of the wise Parrot and said it would be best to ask him where the smell had gone. So the two set of on the nimbus cloud (which, coincidentally, was also a mode of transportation) in search of the wise Parrot. They floated for what seemed like ages to Pepe, but truly only a short amount of time had lapsed. Pepe's eyelids were getting droopy when the nimbus came to a halt. Up on a clay covered mountain they found the wise Parrot who bore a strong resemblance to the great revolutionary hero el Che Guevara. They asked this wise Parrot what had become of the smells and the Parrot replied in rhyme: :If your olfactories you've lost / a solution can be found / at no cost / float down to the ground / where you will find / a sight that blows the find / swallow one complete / to gain the sense so sweet." Utterly confused, the pair floated down wondering what sight awaited them. At first this place looked like an ordinary grassy field, but soon they saw mushrooms rising, growing as they rose. Pepe quickly realized that to swallow a mushroom whole it would have to be smaller. So he ran to the field as fast as he could and ripped two brightly colored mushrooms. And as soon as he ripped them off the dirt, they stopped growing. He made his way carefully to Gustavo and handed him the smaller mushroom. They both swallowed the fungi at the same time, but Pepe shut his eyes tight in fear of what would happen. He waited a few seconds and opened his eyes. He found himself on the couch at home. A bit disoriented, he realized it had all been a very strange convoluted dream. Pepe was quite relieved, he was afraid he would never return. *MEEP* Startled by the noise, Pepe almost jumped. It was coming from the armrest of the couch. Very slowly Pepe looked over at it...he saw............GUSTAVO!


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