Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My weakness

So I have always been into super heroes. And I hope that it is common knowledge that super heroes all have a weakness. So when my mind wanders and my imagination runs wild, I can become a super hero. But because all super heroes must have a weakness, I must figure out what mine is. Money is not it. I could live with little or no money. Possessions, I am not a hoarder. Living independently for the first time in my life, I have realized the worthlessness of most possessions. Things I once found so valuable are packed away in boxes that are who knows where now. ...but that is a rant for another day. Okay so I've ruled out materialistic things that could in theory ruin a super hero. The next logical weakness would be some sort of element or mineral. But that is not it either. I'm not weak like that. My weakness is something much more flesh like. It is someone. It is actually a he. He is my weakness. It's as if my common sense turns to mush when I'm around him. I don't think in terms of I, I think in terms of we. He can influence me to do whatever whenever. Some may think, what a boring weakness. But truly think, it's like being out of the controls of your mind. He takes over my mind. It is difficult to think of anything else. It seems so scary to think. And then I come back to reality and my imagination rests for a minute. I realize that he really is my weakness, but because I am only a silly girl with a big imagination it is a lovely weakness. It is what I always wanted and never realized I wanted it until I had it. It is what happens when you fall in love. And I have indeed fallen very deeply in love with him. And that makes me happy. That's all.

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