Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wedding Dresses

I am in fact getting married. It's so weird to think that this time last year, marriage was such a far away, almost impossible, thing to me. I wasn't the type of girl that dreamed of how her wedding dress would look like or who her husband would be. I didn't plan it in my mind ages before it actually came close to happening. Marriage had always been unreal to me. And no I do not come from a dysfunctional family, my parents are happily married and have been for the past 31 years. So why was it unreal to me? Because...I just didn't see myself as a wife. Like any person, I wanted to be loved, but marriage always seemed like such a huge deal such a huge commitment and for some, such a huge mistake. To me, I would meet guys and date and the whole deal, but marriage was reserved for the older years (older to me was 25 and over). But then I met him. I cannot say my plan was to marry him since we started dating. I was uneasy, I was nervous, I was cautious. But mostly, I was happy. I was loved, it was such a foreign feeling. I embraced it and then it was like everything I once thought was upside down. Marriage wasn't at all like I thought. Sure it is still a big commitment, but it shouldn't be something scary. It is exciting. It is happiness, materialized. I was scared, I was afraid it would never be for me. And then all of a sudden it was. I was happy, I AM happy. I love being loved and loving. I love that out of the 7 billion people in the whole world, there was one for me. That we could meet while we are so young and marry even this young. Who says getting married means settling down? Not at all, you meet the right person and all your dreams can come true. I guess marriage was settling down to the old Dany, but this Dany doesn't  agree. Settling and settling down happens when you give up, I found the one who won't ever give up along with me. NOW, what does this have to do with wedding dresses? Well I'm sure there is a connection, but mainly I just started typing and the above came out. But I am going to pick up my wedding dress this weekend. And out of so many dresses, I found the perfect one as well. Not the best connection, but it is something.
Happiness and life seem contradictory. But that's because you make it so. Make it not so and you'll see.


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