Monday, July 11, 2011

30 days - two silly buffalafalos

Marriage. So many long for it and so many others dread even the thought. I was caught in the middle. I wanted love and a partner, but marriage seemed so grown up. Well I now find myself married to the love of my life and my partner in crime for forever and a half. I'm still the same kid, just married to another kid. Life is funny. You hope and plan for something and you get a completely opposite something. I never thought that at 19 I would already be married. I thought I'd be independent, but not married. Attached to another for forever and a half. And now that is exactly what I am. I am happy. Oh so happy!! I am still the same kid inside, but now I can be a kid with someone else. Someone else to show the little things I find in the grass. Someone else to explore new places with. Someone else that protects me from the dark at night. Someone else who loves this weirdo kid. Some kid who makes this kid eternally happy. And it has only been one month! No matter how wrong things go (or maybe they go right just not the right we hoped for) everything is okay. We never stop loving each other. In only 30 days I have seen the amazing life that lies ahead of us. Two kids in love like there is no tomorrow. Two silly buffalafalos.

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